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Friday, May 23, 2008


"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked."
-Bernard Meltzer

Spouse and I will spend this weekend in Maine with our friends. They will shower kindness and food on us, and for a few days we will be comfortable in good company.
The last time we visited, it was August and as we were going home again we were loaded down with freshly cooked food as we set off into the burning noonday sun.
One of the family members had prepared a special sausage bread. There was a good deal of it, wrapped in foil and tempting our palates, filling the car with the scent of a veritable feast.
Our friends and their extended family live in the most Northern part of Maine; close, but not close enough given their warm friendship and delicious meals.
I called my friend when we reached home to say Thank You for everything. She mused with pleasure that we would have sausage bread for lunch for the week.
I hesitated for just a heartbeat before telling her that the sausage bread never made it past Bangor, which according to our map is not even halfway home.
It never made it. We ate just a little bit at first, and then some more and we ate until all of it was gone, relishing each bite, dispatching the bread with mumbles of joy.
No, the sausage bread never made it past Bangor.
But oh, it was so lovely.
This weekend we do not know quite what will await us but we will treasure every minute we can spend with decent people and superb cooks.

I will be away from the computer for the weekend and will return after Monday with armfuls of secret recipes and tales from the hearth.


Beth said...

Enjoy your weekend, we are supposed to have fine weather up here in the north country. I am sure the sausage bread would not have made it past Bangor in our car either, it sounds perfectly yummy. Perhaps you could share that recipe or convince your friend to start a blog of recipes?

Jaime said...

Oh, I have always wanted to see Maine. I hear it is beautiful!

Have a lovely time!

Anonymous said...

Maine is very beautiful. I have been there many times, but not for many years now.

There is nothing that compares to good friends.


Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Beth, We'll hope for good weather then! It sounds like it'll be fine.
I'll do my best to extract the recipe- my friend's sister has it and they're wonderfully close about their secret recipes but no doubt I can convince them the world needs sausage bread.
I'll mention blogs to her, and see what comes from it. Thanks for the idea!

Jaime, thank you, we'll have a grand time. I love green, quiet places and it seems that all the writers I love did their best work there.

Steve, no, absolutely nothing like friends and good company. Maine, I think, is one of the more beautiful parts of the country. I think Oregon would be close behind it in terms of my ranking!

polona said...

enjoy your break and have fun!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Polona, thanks. I will!

Unknown said...

Then I'm a really lucky guy because I lived on the Oregon Coast for a decade and now enjoy the Maine Coast whenever I can. There are so many beautiful places (here on the side of Lake Champlain is quite nice too!) in the world, it's a treat to explore.

paulmerrill said...

That bread sounds yummy. Take a pic next time, before it's gone...

mouse (aka kimy) said...

maine rocks!! am sure you had a great could you not. I'm on the road next week and away from expect there will be lots of crumbs to catch up on when I return...secret recipes oh my, what will you have to do to get them...but better yet, what will we have to do?

Anonymous said...

Happy travels! My husband was born and spent much of his life in Maine so we have a bit of fondness for it. Have a wonderful weekend!

hele said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time, filled with murmurs of delight and full happy stomachs.

julochka said...

you inspired me as to what to make for dinner! my oven is the one still-functioning bit of my kitchen, so i can bake a savory yummy bread! that would make a great dinner together with a salad on this rainy, grey day.

hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Pauline said...

Sausage bread is lovely!

Looking forward to hearing what those good cooks sent you home with next. Hope your visit is a good one.

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Kip, every part of the world has some beauty to it, I think. For me it's about mountains and green places and forests. For that, Oregon is amazing.

Paul, we got two sausage breads this time! So we'll take a picture of the one that's left...I'd better hurry though ;)

Kimy, We had the most wonderful time. Everybody was exceptionally kind to us. I hope you enjoy your own trip!

Courtney, thanks, Maine is very special, not least because we have good friends there.

Hele, we did, and thank you :) I ate too much but that's not a complaint!

Julie, oh, I hope your bread turned out as delicious as it sounds!

Pauline, I'll make a list and write about it- there was a lot of food. I can't believe how generous people can be. It gives me hope.

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