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Friday, May 2, 2008

Early Bird

"Hope is the poor man's bread."
-Gary Herbert

At this time of year Mater must be most careful when lighting a fire. Birds tend to drop sticks and feathers and miscellaneous offerings down the chimney chute in attempts to establish a comfortable home for themselves and their future darling offspring.
Mater, however, very much appreciates the warmth of a hearth. She cannot set the nest alight but instead scoops up the branches and other bits of the woodland and transplants them outdoors where inevitably they are collected once more by our resolute friends who drop them again down the chimney chute with perpetual optimism.
The birds live in hope that one day they will find their nest undisturbed; Mater lives with equal measures of certainty that one day the birds will find another chimney or corner to roost in.
I for one wish Mater and the birds the very best of luck in their endeavours.
May the best homemaker win.


Pappy said...

Animals and kids both keep one busy re-arranging. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Say "hi" to Mater when you talk with her.

Pauline said...

This made me chuckle. It's less a matter of learning, I think, and more a matter of hope, as you say. I once spent an entire season trying to discourage a wren from making a nest in my clothespin holder, a sort of handbag affair I'd sewn from scraps. The wren finally won - and I henceforth kept my clothespins in a bucket. Persistence may be the better part of hope!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Texican, that's so true- both animals and kids. Part of life, I suppose! I'll tell Mater you said hi. No doubt I'll talk with her in a short while.
Pauline, that's a great story- and I'm glad the bird won, as that is so uncommon. Thanks for sharing that :)

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