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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Contest: Book Giveaway

"This one’s tricky. You have to use imaginary numbers, like eleventeen."
-Calvin and Hobbes, on algebra homework

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

Spouse and I have two copies of this most delightful Calvin and Hobbes book. When we first met he gave me one as a gift, having enjoyed it himself; when we decided to put our books together in matrimonial harmony we of course had an extra one.

One of them absolutely must go out of our lives and I would much prefer it be to one of my readers, given my euphoria about the fact that I actually have some. Readers, that is.
So, if the above book is something you might like to own, I would be more than happy to send it to a new home.

The reason for this contest is multifold:
I love Calvin and Hobbes and want to share the pleasure;
I will enjoy having one less item in our apartment;
my blog is shortly to have a birthday of a kind: my 300th post. Goodness, it is hard to believe but there it is. I thought it was a lovely round number- especially with those zeros- and a choice time to offer the book to somebody.

The book is in fine condition though it has been gently read and appreciated.

The contest will be open until next Saturday June 7th at midnight Eastern Standard Time and I will do the drawing on Sunday morning. Simply leave a comment on this post to enter.
I will write each commenter's name on a piece of paper, throw them all into a lovely hat, stir carefully, let the mix simmer, and then Spouse will kindly draw for me a single name.

If anybody out there is skilled in the art of drumrolling, your presence will be highly appreciated during the drawing; otherwise I might have to improvise and transmit the noise myself. Or get Mater to do it.

This offer is open to anyone, anywhere as long as you love- or will love- Calvin and Hobbes dearly.

Good luck!


Pappy said...

Let me be the first to put my name in the hat so to speak. I will always try my luck in a giveaway. My grandson would love to hear me read Calvin and Hobbs. I think give aways are excellent mediums for extending your readership. I hope you have lots of luck and I hope I win.

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Texican, I don't have a hat like yours anywhere about the house. It'll have to be a knitted winter hat.
I hope you win too. I hope everyone wins!
In one Calvin and Hobbes story (I think perhaps in this book) Calvin builds a machine out of a cardboard box that makes multiple Calvins. If I had that, I could make enough copies of this book to share all over the place. But Calvin didn't leave any instructions...

Beth said...

I love the idea of a contest--but don't count me in--much as I love Calvin and Hobbs, I'm trying to downsize my life, too, so put Texican in an extra time for me--my little First cousin twice removed should have the joy of reading Calvin & Hobbs with his Grandpa!

julochka said...

count me in! :-) that's so much fun!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Beth, I completely understand- after all that's what we're trying to do!
I'll do that then.

Julie, you have been counted In as of this moment ;)

Jaime said...

Oooh count me in too please!
I love Calvin and Hobbes!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Calvin and Hobbs - I'm entering! What a lovely thing to do.

Relyn Lawson said...

I love Calvin and Hobbes, but have that book. Actually, have it three times. Once at home, once in my classroom library, once in my husband's classroom library. I teach fourth and he teaches high school. I love how universal Calvin is. Don't put my name in, but accept my best wishes. Happy weekend.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

there are people out there who do not already have a copy of the essential calvin and can that be!

tangobaby said...

I love Calvin and Hobbes! I would totally enter the contest but I already have that book, and the big two-book hardcover set, too.


I live with a human version of Hobbes. It's fun and crazy. That's probably why I relate to the comic strip so much.

Congratulations on your posting birthday!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Jaime, Courtney, good luck!
Relyn, Thanks for your good thoughts. I see we're not alone then in having more than one copy :)
Kimy, I don't know but I'm doing my best to fix it :)
Tangobaby, wow- I've seen that book- it's huge! I've looked at it in stores, and it weighs a ton of bricks but has everything Calvin-and-Hobbes in it. The whole set.

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