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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Out of the Ordinary

"He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words."
-Elbert Hubbard

I have, of late, been reading 'No Place Like Home,' a collection of wholesome musings from a former writer for the Boston Globe. Linda Weltner invites the reader to walk with her through the rooms of her home, to peer into the soul of a loving, familiar family.
There is no perfection here: the book's cover depicts a frame hanging most crookedly on a wall; the writer's favourite sort of dinner parties were the friendly ones where dogs licked at the legs of guests from under the table. And it is there, between the lines, that we can see the truth of people.
I understand the sentiment. Our wedding party consisted of less than thirty close family and friends in a small Irish pub, a self-serve buffet of cold meat and salad, and much happy chatter. It was the most pleasant meal Spouse and I have ever had and some of our guests have enthused the same.
There was, amid our chaos, fondness and good spirit. It was a truly honest party, in that each guest's presence was valued. There was certainly no extravagance, there were no rules and there was not a hint of formality.
What had all the appearance of a simple day sparked, inside each guest, something far more long lasting. It was all we wanted and much more.
Linda Weltner's book is the first I have read in a long while that speaks to my heart about goodness and family taking precedence above the other elements of life. Lashings of money cannot buy the best memories if there is no love of ordinary, day-to-day things and if there is no interest in people.
The book struck me for its emphasis on what I firmly believe: the real magic is to be found in the ordinary day.

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