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Friday, March 28, 2008


Ah, March! we know thou art
Kind-hearted, spite of ugly looks and threats,
And, out of sight, art nursing April's violets!
-Helen Hunt Jackson

March 25, 2008:
As I write, some fellows outside my window are gathering up Winter's remnants- leaves, sticks, traces of snow- and carting them out of my life. They are raking and sweeping and and scraping and planting and preparing the apartment complex for the new season with hope that the darkest days are over.
For the next few days, at the close of this kind-hearted month, my Spouse and I are leaping into the void and taking a short break.
We are not the sort to promote self-deservedness or announce that we ought to "treat" ourselves with our very own money. That said, we need rest, and time to gather our thoughts.
We have spoken to each other much about going to see my relative. Life is short, too short and for the last months we have either been ill separately or together, or come into contact with people who made us miserable against our very best efforts.
We are casting aside all our inner troubles and venturing to take the trip we promised ourselves many a time. It is primarily a recuperating holiday. My relative is careful, quiet and wise and his house beats with a heart that reflects such. We may emerge from the cocoon of this meditative visit ready to make a significant move in our lives or, then again, we might simply reassess how we view our present position.


julochka said...

taking time to reassess is always a good thing. i look forward to reading your thoughts when you return.

Nan said...

"My relative is careful, quiet and wise and his house beats with a heart that reflects such."
What a lovely description. Isn't he lucky to be such, and to be able to share those gifts with all who visit. May you have a wonderful, soothing time.

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Julie, I look forward to yours also! I'm glad I found your page.
Nan, I did have a soothing time. Your words are much appreciated.

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