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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sunny, My Foot

I succumbed to a bout of curiosity and learned that our old apartment is still available.
I read the landlord's advertisement with the practiced eye of a skeptic: he, after all, was seeking a new tenant for financial purposes. Until two months ago, we actually lived there, and no amount of wool could blinker our eyes.
Spouse and I read the piece together.
Sunny, it said.
"Funny," I said. "I don't remember it being a particularly sunny apartment."
Spouse, who had been reading faster than I, interrupted.
"Patio. Did we have a patio?"
"We did," I said, trying to recall.
"Really? A patio? Where was it?"
"Well," I said, slowly, "remember that slab of stone outside the kitchen window? The bit we shared with the next-door neighbour? I put a dead chive plant out there once. There wasn't enough sunlight in the apartment to keep it alive. It's still there, as far as I know."
"I do," said Spouse. "I remember the chives. Poor things."
"That was the patio. I think," I added, "that that's the one he meant."


Pappy said...

I was shopping for housing in a popular retirement community where all the houses have an uncanny similar facade. The prices, in my estimation, were already high and space was at a premium. As the sales person told us the many advantages of one of the model homes, he told us there was an "add on" for a view of a green way. This meant more money (a nice fee) for the privilege of being able to see a small tree out your back door. We chose a traditional neighborhood with kids and many nice trees for less money. There must have been a considerable deduction for putting up with the kids. Pappy

Pauline said...

Real estate agent jargon is always just the wrong side of truth, isn't it?

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Texican, I suppose they have to do it, and we should be aware of it so we don't get conned.

Pauline, love that! "Wrong side of truth."

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