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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not Like They Used To

Our roll of aluminium foil is drawing to an end; we will shortly run out of the sturdy silver wrapper.
"It seems like only yesterday we bought this one, and it's almost gone," I remarked to Spouse.
"Do you think we'll have to go out to the store and buy another roll?"
Spouse thought that we probably would.
I wondered if the aluminium foil aisle had altered much since last we wandered among the rolls.
"When was that- six years ago?"
Spouse stated that it was in fact seven; he then went on to provide a detailed account of that particular era, reminding me that we purchased the roll just before we moved into our first apartment. Then, some years after that, off across the country we went with it before eventually hauling it home last August.
"They don't make them like they used to," Spouse said.
I was inclined to agree.
Here today, gone tomorrow.


Delena said...

I smiled when I read your entry. We buy the big rolls of Saran Wrap at Cosco. I actually write the date on the box when we get it home. The wrap usually lasts 4 years. I reflect that another 4 years of our life has passed and it does seem like just a moment in time!

Pappy said...

I keep back up rolls of everything just in case. One recent purchase was some Reynolds wide plastic wrap. The box is very similar to the Reynolds aluminium foil. I am constantly pulling the plastic wrap out when I need the aluminium variety. I wish they would vary the packaging. On when I purchased anything, I wouldn't have the vaguest idea. Pappy

paulmerrill said...

I am frustrated at how the portions of products seem to be less with each passing year. Ice cream, for example, comes in smaller tubs than before.

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Del, I suppose I just remember it because it's been so long! But making those notes would be a good idea in future.

Texican, They do it on purpose. Nobody ever has time to get their money back; they just buy the one they needed in the first place, and the store makes double the money. They count on it.

Paul, yes, and lately, like in the last year especially, I've noticed that. They just cut the size and keep (if we're lucky; otherwise they increase) the old price. Especially garlic bread. They've halved the size of it but the price is the same.

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