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Monday, October 26, 2009

Cryptic Brother

Sibling and I,
we must be grown up:
we argued today about money.
"Please take it from me,"
"No, I couldn't, you see."
I think the whole scene was quite funny.

Brother and I
used to find it peculiar
to watch adults haggle and clash.
"No, don't be silly," they'd say.
"Please, allow me to pay!"
-back and forth back and forth with the cash.

Sibling and I,
we're not yet grown up:
Brother vowed to succeed in the end-
I'm to keep my eyes peeled
For he says he'll conceal
Some clues in a parcel he'll send.


Pauline said...

if it's money you want
and he simply sends clues
the next thing you'll discuss
is which one of you sues ;)

your poetry is as clever as your prose

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

thanks ;) We'll see who wins.

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