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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Would If I Could

"Action is eloquence."
-William Shakespeare

Spouse went to vote this morning shortly after daybreak, and I, always ready for an excursion of momentous proportions, accompanied him.
We were separated when Spouse entered a little room to vote and I hovered forlornly in the hallway. Twinging and straining to reach a ballot of my very own, I wondered how anybody could refrain from such an event.
It soon happened that a crisply-dressed lady, who was waiting to vote, turned to me as the line began crawling inside, and she asked if I wanted to go before her.
My short answer was no, thank you; the longer one, which was altogether much too elaborate- she was being swept forward by the crowd- was that I would very much like to, but was obliged by law to remain on the fringes for at least another four years.
I considered that the scene would be a brief lesson in civic duty for anybody who chose, out of sheer apathy, not to vote at all. Being compelled to observe others in action might awaken that old ideal of appreciating what one has before it is not there anymore.


Pauline said...

We talked at school today (my second grade class) about the power of one vote. It seems voter apathy is turning to voter enthusiasm. Let us hope so!

Beth said...

I can imagine how you felt and what a lovely job you did of conveying it. I'm going to send this link to my husband to read to his English class--it's that poignant.

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Pauline, It sure turned out that way :) I do hope we maintain that enthusiasm for the long term. One vote can make such a difference.

Beth, wow. Thank you. You consistently make me feel as though my writing means something to others. That means a lot.

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