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Friday, October 24, 2008

The Chosen Driver (News Piece 1)

"Where words fail, music speaks."
-Hans Christian Andersen

I sat at the computer and turned tentatively last evening to the news of my homeland. I refrain, as a rule, from perusing the local pages, having a low tolerance for the grammatical errors and awkwardly constructed syntax. I rely instead on my knowledgeable mother to convey the items of the day.
On rare occasions, though, I do summon enough boldness to venture into the murky depths of lumbering letters.
Severe and woeful flooding had struck one area of the country; more rain was certain and, sensibly, people were being advised to cancel plans and stay home during the downpour.
No. No. That was not it at all.
I glanced again, and noted that it was not the population as a whole being graced with an alert, but just one very fortunate fellow:
"Motorist warned of heavy flooding."
Regardless of how that lone individual was chosen above all others to be issued with a warning- perhaps in some sort of secretive lottery he was deemed Motorist of the Hour- one can only hope that he took the suggestion on board, comprehended his special position, and used it cautiously.


paulmerrill said...

He or she must have been the head motorist.

By the way, I finally put your blog in my sidebar.

Pappy said...

I've been traveling The and have just recently returned. I just spent part of this morning catching up with your recent posts. Always a delightful read. Give my best to Mater. Pappy

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Paul, thanks for adding me to your link!
Head motorist... good one. I didn't think of that. And perhaps he was given the job of warning everyone behind him...

Texican, it's good to see you back! Mater and I have been missing your posts- we'll be glad to catch up now.

Ruth L.~ said...

Gee, no one writes a new article just for me, although our news commentators feel the need to tell us all to wear mittens and scarves, or bring and umbrella on any given day. where would we be without the media?

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Ruth, "Gee, no one writes a new article just for me" I like that sentiment :) As long as it's a nice article, though, shedding a good light, it's fine!

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