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Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Tale of Two Scissors

"A 'strange coincidence,' to use a phrase,
By which such things are settled nowadays."
-Lord Byron

Spouse donned the guise of a barber yesterday morning and, at my insistence, cut off my hair. It was a significant lop of the locks: I afterward estimated one foot in length and some considerable weight had parted ways with my head. It had been more than a year since my hair met a scissors.
Hours later, once the novelty diminished and I grew more used to being lightheaded, I began to suspect that such economical acts of spontaneity are an inherited streak. My brother has for years been veiled in an enviable mass of hair worthy of the most rampant rock star. In a striking coincidence and utterly out of character, he too decided that yesterday was a grand time for a change, and asked his own significant other to rid him of the majority of his hair.
My brother's obliging barber did the deed in the afternoon; mine trimmed the last strand before morning was quite underway. Given the five-hour time difference between our two worlds, one has to conclude that we were both perched precariously on our respective kitchen chairs at the very same time, thinking, perhaps, of the hearty surprise we might bring to our hair-conscious mother, but not at all intending to jolt one another.


Pappy said...

Ah, to the mystery of never having seen to countenance of our Irish hostess, now we must add the added burden of imagining her without a portion of her hair (and brother too). I'm working on the portrait now. Pappy

Beth said...

What fun! Don't you love lopping off that much hair--it does make your head feel lighter and puts a bounce in your step. P.S., to Texican--the Elementary and I are meeting for dinner in a few weeks--if you are good we'll take a picture for you.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oooh, spooky. At the same time? There's something going on there for certain!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Texican, how is that portrait coming along? ;) Beth promised to help you out with it!

Beth, I do have my bounce back! I'm happy- I didn't even realise how heavy my hair was and how much effort. Can't wait for that meeting!

Pamela, it was strange- neither of us likes to get a haircut. But somehow yesterday we were on the same page! Spooky indeed...

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