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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

House Hugs

“There is no instinct like that of the heart.”
-Lord Byron

My self-declared surrogate grandmother once asked a friend to accompany her on a house-hunting expedition. My friend and her husband had retired, and were searching for the perfect nook in which to find placidity.
When they stepped into the very house that, as it later transpired, my friend would eventually come to own- an elegant and charming Victorian house flanked by California's trusting, lofty trees- her companion gasped her thoughts aloud.
"Oh. This house just hugs you!"
I can testify to that declaration. I have been in the house in question: it is an abode with a heart, a place which most assuredly extends a mighty, welcoming embrace to all who visit. I have spent treasured hours in the company of my friend, who I believe knows a thing or two about heeding instincts and about the immeasurable and inexplicable worth of a first impression.


Barb said...

Oh - I really agree with this post.

When we bought our house 4 years ago, a friend came to visit a few weeks later and exclaimed as she walked in the door.

The energy in this house is so positive, I feel enveloped. Similar to a hug me thinks.

julochka said...

sometimes an architect just gets a house right and then people fill them with lovely things that finish the job. i just heard a lecture about that very topic yesterday. it's worth thinking about what it is about such places that give them such positive energy. :-)

i'm always amazed how these ponderings are hanging in the air, just when i'm pondering them too. :-)

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Barb, there is definitely such a thing as positive energy. Likewise, I've been in homes that didn't have a welcoming feel, though I couldn't put a finger on exactly why. "Similar to a hug me thinks."- I like that :)

Julie, what a great way to put it: "sometimes an architect just gets a house right and then people fill them with lovely things that finish the job." So simple, and full of truth.
The lecture sounds interesting- is it something you have a link to, or was it a real life lecture? :) I'd also love to hear more of your thoughts on it- especially given that you have put so much of your own energy into your home of late.

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