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Monday, September 21, 2009

Hunting For a Hippopotamus

It was all cogs and wheels turning at Mater Headquarters this weekend when the new satellite dish was called upon.
My brother made a desperate telephone call from Paris. He had worn out his shoe soles hunting for a Hippopotamus Restaurant; he knew it was nearby, had wandered in vain up and down such and such a street, and the hungry tourist gave up at last and contacted the old homestead, firmly believing that his mother, in Ireland, could assist by way of the dish.
"Hold on," said Mater. She tapped a few buttons and fed a few fine details into the machine.
"Proceed directly to 9, Rue Lagrange," said she soon after, wondering to herself what was a Hippopotamus Restaurant, and what was a Rue, only certain that her son was far from home and in immediate need of them.


Pappy said...

Mater, Mater, can you read me Mater? This is Pappy. Welcome to the internet - that great invention of former V.P. Al Gore of global warming fame. Hippopotamus restaurant? Sounds like it should be submerged in some African stream. I did eat at the Plaid Rhino Restaurant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on a recent trip there. The food was great. Sounds like the Hippopotamus restaurant would be better suited for Paris, Texas than Paris, France. Pappy

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

To Mater's credit, she didn't even ask. Just did her motherly duty and looked it up :)

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