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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All the Goodbyes

My brother went off to France amid a chaotic chorus of Farewells and Au Revoirs and Bon Chances. I heard the commotion. When my brother- who lives with Mater no longer- came to the telephone for a few moments, I chimed in with a few hearty greetings of my own before our mother took over again.
I heard her call goodbye as my brother slipped noisily out the door into the evening.
"So," I said, "he's away to France for a few days."
"He is," she said.
Eight or nine minutes later she dropped a faint hint about motoring to the airport the next morning.
My sibling could hardly, I reasoned, be returning so soon; something was amiss.
"No," Mater said. "He's not going yet. He just went home to his own place for the evening. He's leaving for France in the morning. I'll be taking him to catch his flight."
"But- wait a moment. You just said goodbye to him! Several times! In French, no less."
"Oh, just for the spirit of it," was the answer. "I'll say goodbye again tomorrow."


molly said...

Don't they have the life? Young people in Ireland these days.....My sister's kids are always back and forth to various places in Europe, sometimes just for the w.e.! When we were growing up a trip to Carlow was a once-a-year, eagerly anticipated event, on a par with going to the moon....

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Molly, I think that's the very first time Carlow has been mentioned on this blog!
But yes, nowadays travelling really seems to be no big deal to the young- the world is a bit smaller and other countries are maybe not so exotic when we have Internet that keeps us connected. I still love it and never get bored flying or going to new places!

Pauline said...

May I borrow Mater? She makes me miss my own Mama!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Pauline- that's too sweet. I'll tell Mater :) She might like to be borrowed!

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