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Saturday, August 9, 2008

You Should Write About That

"The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes."
-André Gide

"You should write about that," urges Spouse often in attempts to assist me with writing material. He is my muse at the best of times, and if an idea strikes his mind he mentions it quickly lest he forget.
Most lamentably, I always fail to write the note, trusting implicitly in my memory, and inevitably Spouse's notion is tragically lost to the wind. Should I turn to Spouse hours later and request a second telling, his horrified expression tells all I need to know: he has lost it too.
Between the two of us we are sometimes unable to ever recall the fleeting glimpse of a story but their tantalising memories haunt us yet. One might suggest simply using pen and paper but I tend not to do so- due, perhaps, to the inexpensive nature of such implements and the ease with which we can forget or dismiss them. Spouse and I, then, determined that we ought to invest in a more costly and inspiring object that we will never forget to carry with us and never neglect to use in situations of potentials literary creativity.
Sometime in the coming week we will receive a small package in the mail: we purchased a miniature digital voice recorder, long considered, abandoned, reconsidered in a conflicting whirlwind of options and frugality.
"You should write about that," said Spouse, and although the tiny item has not yet arrived I completely agreed, made a mental note, and- well- here we are.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I always keep a notebook with me. You just never know.

julochka said...

don't forget the batteries. ;-)

you should carry around your little waves notebook, that's what i do for those waves of inspiration. :-)

Pappy said...

Oh how many great stories and poems are 'Lost in Space.' A recorder is a great idea. Just remember to pick it up when you go and get the camera. Remember it has batteries too. Pappy

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Pamela, I do carry bits of paper sometimes but I don't bother to write down my ideas- too much belief in my own ability to remember. I always think I will remember...

Julie, I hate to waste beautiful paper on bits of ideas and scraps of thought. Often my notes would be just one word, and hastily written, and I wouldn't want to use a special notebook for bad handwriting and bits and pieces of sentences. It's more for expanding on those ideas later :)

Texican, Lost in Space is just how I think of them. They will never come back. Ah, yes, but remembering to bring it- we talked about buying it for so long that I surely will remember. Probably.

polona said...

i know a thing or two about losing 'the greatest idea ever' because when it came, i had nothing to note it with me...
for some reason i don't fancy recorders but a small notebook is usually (except when i get a great idea) with me...

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Polona, I prefer paper to recorders too but this is one time I know it's a better option. If it costs a little money I won't be so quick to forget to use it ;)
And I love notebooks but hate to scribble half-thoughts in them. They're for fullly-fledged ideas, stories and so on.

Jaime said... that you will have this handy little tool, we can find comfort in knowing that your wonderful stories will not be lost, and will come to us via this lovely blog of yours.

tangobaby said...

I still rely on my memory, which is faulty, or the brief flashes of inspiration that sometimes wake me up at 2am.

I know The Boy has tried to give me ideas on what to write about too, but I need great amounts of inspiration to get kickstarted, so generally his ideas (or perhaps all of them) never make it to the blog.

But I think he has a secret yearning for his own blog and just won't go there.

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Jaime, thank you ;) I'll do my best.

Tangobaby, I try to work on memory too but I get so many bits and pieces of ideas that some slip away and I feel sad that I never got to think more about them. The ideas Spouse gives me are great but sometimes I can work on them immediately, others have to sit a while and be pondered about how best to approach it.
Good that you have help anyhow!-
"But I think he has a secret yearning for his own blog and just won't go there." Now, that would be interesting- we'd see the ideas you discarded, perhaps :)

paulmerrill said...

Great idea.

I used one of those back when I had a commute to remind myself of ideas while I was driving. (Well, back then it was microcassette... during the pre-digital days.)

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Paul- it arrived today so we'll set to work on using it.
I think that's an excellent way to make use of a commute. Ideas can strike at any time.

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