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Monday, August 11, 2008

On This Day

“There is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by.”
-Annie Dillard

This day one year ago our friend got married; Spouse and I travelled to Maine for the wedding. It was not a lavish or extravagant affair but it was the happiest of days.
I brought a selection of Irish music to accompany the bride, and our friend chose her favourite tune the night before- the melody that she would walk with and remember forever.
The ceremony was held in the open air at the edge of a lake. Speakers were arranged so that the instrumental tune would be heard by all.
Unfortunately, just as the bride was about to begin walking down the path to her betrothed, the fellow in charge of the music announced in a panic that for one reason or another his system was not compatible with the disc and the tune would not play. Music was a significant element of the wedding and the bride was understandably distraught at the possibility of striding down the aisle, as it were, without a song, without a sentimental soundtrack.
Her niece, in a bright and wonderful moment of innovation, suggested that she make haste, climb into her truck, drive it as close as possible to the ceremony, and play the music from the car's stereo.
The industrious niece did just that, and not a soul in the gathering was any the wiser. The music strummed and our dear friend walked the path she had dreamed of for so long.
It is a precious and beautiful attribute to be adaptable and open to last-minute adjustments. Life, of course, is all about change and quite about being prepared for diversions around the corner.
With such qualities as those, I anticipate for the pair a blessed and steadfast life together, and I tip my hat to my friend and her husband on this symbolic day.


tangobaby said...

To have creative and quick-thinking companions around at all times, ready to pitch in with good ideas when they are needed most.

That will be a fun memory to relive for many years to come, and that song even sweeter because for a short time, it almost wasn't.

Great story!

polona said...

well done the niece for saving the moment!
a lovely story and great memory to behold

Pappy said...

A very nice tribute to the institution of marriage Ele. Perhaps spending more on the D.J. would provide one with less antiquated equipment. Some of these new vehicular sound systems can be heard over the expanse of several counties. Nice story. Pappy

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Tangobaby, she definitely was a quick thinker. As my friend wrote to me today, she hiked up her dress and climbed into the beaten up truck. She's very good to have around when you are in an emergency :)

Polona, it's a fond memory for my friend too, so it's better it turned out that way :)

Texican, I know all about loud stereos on trucks... we have a set of traffic lights right outside our apartment and when people stop, with music blaring, I can hear it from where I sit and usually make out the words too. I can't imagine how it might be to be in that truck or car. However, the niece definitely made a good use of such a system!

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