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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Under the Weather

“It is humankind's duty to respect all life, not only animals have feelings but even also trees and plants”
-Michel de Montaigne

Our friends in Maine presented us with a chive plant during our last visit just over a month ago. Given that we live in an apartment and have not a scrap of outdoor space to ourselves it is rather incredible that the plant has survived this length of time. Water, plant food, tender words, concern and a regal position in our window which overshadowed our family photographs- all have done nothing to bring sparkle to the chives.
The few leaves that do not droop have turned a cheerless shade of brown. Spouse and I, concerned for the well-being of our botanical charge, have struck upon an industrious plan.
We had intended to celebrate the Fourth of July with those very friends: our first consideration was to bring the plant with us and surrender it back to the care of people who understand all things green and wild. We were quite ready to give up.
Then I questioned whether the chive plant might simply be in need of short-term recuperation. There was an era, most of which I have read about in novels, when seriously ill people were given doctor's orders to go to the seaside for six months and take complete rest. Once refreshed by time and tide, they were then able to return home with full health. As it is with people, so too it might affect vegetation.
There it is, then: the chive plant will join us on our trip and return home rejuvenated and repaired.
Sunlight, fresh air and its original habitat for a weekend: what more could a chive plant wish for?


julochka said...

a trip to the sanitarium (sp?) will be just thing! :-)

dostoevsky would definitely agree. ;-)

just don't let the chive plant gamble while it's there like dostoevsky would have. :-)

Pauline said...

The two things I know about chives is that they like direct sunlight and they don't like to be overwatered. Perhaps it is as you say and the plant is homesick...

Jaime said...

Don't forget to talk to it...they like that. *wink*

This is why I have jade plants. They don't require as much attention from me, and they still stay green!

Beth said...

I always feel such a sense of failure when a pant doesn't survive. I hope that it is resuscitated by its trip. I agree with Jaime, jade plants are a good choice.

Pappy said...

There are usually healthy replacements at the Wal-Mart or Home Depot.:)

polona said...

hmmm... i can't give you any useful advice as no plant ever manages to survive my treatment for more than a few months... but i don't think they want to be moved that much...

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Julie, I can't keep an eye on it at all times but if I hear about it acting in suspicious ways I will have to caution the plant. Thanks for the tip ;)

Pauline- I heard you water it very rarely, as little as "hardly ever", and it's not getting much direct sun, just sitting in the window where the fresh air comes in. So I hope it's okay to do that.

Jaime, I know! I've done that but my accent scares it :O If I had a soothing Maine accent, no doubt it would help.

Beth, so do I. It's a living thing and I feel so guilty.

Texican, I'd prefer not to replace it- but there's a new thought- a trip to the Home Depot to buy it a companion!

Polona, probably not but it's already dying and we can't lose by at least taking it back to the people that know how to look after it. I wish that was me, but I'm hopeless :(

hele said...

I hope the trip rejuvenates it. What do you do if it refuses to leave again?

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Hele, we love our friends' place in Maine so much that it's not the chive plant refusing to leave that we're worried about... I suppose if it stayed, we'd just have to stay too ;)

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