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Monday, April 21, 2008

Crossing That Bridge Now

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do."
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Spouse left the car behind this morning and walked over the pedestrian bridge that runs between his office and our home. A mighty river intersects the two areas.
If one times the stroll just perfectly, a train might slice its way along the bank of the river and under the bridge: one might feel a rattle and a rumble and the very bridge might seem precarious- imagination, of course, but far better entertainment than any television show, and it comes with fresh air.
I set out in the evening not to catch the motion of a passing train but to meet my Spouse on this, the first day that he had walked to work since living in Japan some years ago.
I had rather romantic visions of meeting him on the bridge midway along. It would be a symbol, I thought, of our commitment to frugality and a simple lifestyle, and, more urgently, a mark of 'meeting the environment half way.'
Spouse, however, was delayed in exiting the office by an enthusiastic and chatty colleague; I was almost to his workplace before I saw his friendly and faint figure in the distance.
It matters not: we left the car to idle for the day and it has stirred our vigour, made us feel younger, kinder, richer; sore feet as a reminder of one small action causing ripples.


Pappy said...

Sounds like a movie script The. Walking, walking, walking, paying no attention to the tea bag burn or the blister on her foot. Mater would not be pleased she decided to go without her shoes. Spouse sees her limping along at a distance and runs to collect her. He carries her home across the rumbling bridge. etc, etc. I think you have something there. :)

julochka said...

i've been riding my bike everywhere the past few days and feeling that same sense of virtuousness, so i know exactly what you mean! it's easy as long as the sun is shining gloriously, i'm sure i'll be less determined when it starts to rain...hope Spouse has a stronger will than i do! :-)

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Texican, that's hilarious. I can see it too. At sunset time, as well, and an appropriate soundtrack playing magically from somewhere... but who would play us all? Worth considering.
Julie, he had to drive today because he had things to do in the morning- but his determination is there. We don't live in an area conducive to safe bicycling, but otherwise we'd be enjoying that. You must be so healthy! :)

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