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Sunday, January 27, 2008

On Possibilities

"Without adventure civilisation is in full decay."
-Alfred North Whitehead (British Mathematician and Philosopher)

Life is such an adventure. Spouse and I are a bit unsettled at the minute, and uncertain about where we may live next. We discuss daily the possibility of shipping ourselves to a new country- although we do each come from continents other than the one we now live on. We have sleepless nights contemplating the probability of our moving to a different part of this country- again. We simply do not know; and while half of the time that is a terrifying prospect, the remainder is a wide-open stretch of potentiality and spurs us on to continue reducing our clutter, casting off our sentimentality and living lighter, on the off-chance that a remote and thrilling change comes knocking on our door.
Yes, life is a thrilling enterprise and anything at all can happen:
I continuously lost at the game of Trivial Pursuit until a few years ago in California. I had lost to family members so many times in my childhood that even participating became a shameful burden.
The very first time I ever won was, victoriously, against a person who had never once in his life lost at the game. We were both, I recall, rattled by the outcome although one would never know it from the show of dancing and cheering that I performed.
Trivial Pursuit is not, at first glance, a symbol for Life. Still, I thought that my character for losing was set in stone; he thought the same of his for winning.
It turns out that nobody is right all of the time.
Spouse and I look forward to our next adventure.

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