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Sunday, January 20, 2008


"I rate enthusiasm even above professional skill."

-Sir Edward Appleton

"I'm just trying to find out what your goals are," said the fellow who came to speak with us.
It might have been acceptable were he a guidance counselor, interviewer or kindly questioning attendant at an Advice Bureau.
Truth be told, I would accept that sort of thing sooner from a street performer, beekeeper or librarian: then it perhaps would not have hurt so very much.
Alas, he was a doctor, and one distinctly displeased about the fact that my Spouse had some questions about emergency medical treatment for the illness he was suffering recently.
"What are my options?" Spouse wanted to know. Spouse was in pain and we needed something to be done in a great hurry.
"You can go to the emergency room and have a CAT scan," the man in doctor's clothing announced matter-of-factly, "or you can go home."
"Go home? Why would I go home?" Spouse wondered. "What will happen if I go home?"
"Then we would make a record that you denied yourself the treatment. That's all."
With pen poised above his clipboard, his face did not change for a second.
Ours did, I am sure.
How could a patient in so much pain be giving anybody, even an oaf, the faintest idea that he would rather go home and carry on as normal? Surely the fact that we fearfully entered the doctor's office in the first place in a snowstorm might be a suspecting clue about our intent.
Then the man in the room with us said, "I'm just trying to find out what your goals are."
Spouse retorted quickly and with a burst of strength, "I am trying to get better."
No, the other fellow did not like that answer one bit, which begs the question: why wear the suit if the actions do not accompany it? He knew seemingly little about our goals but rest assured, we could identify his with ease.


beth said...

thanks for stopping by and saying hi !
I want to read more of your blog, but your current post is wonderful !!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Thank you, thank you! Kind words and they're helping me to have a very upbeat Sunday! Who doesn't like a bit of praise now and then? :)
I'll be a regular 'dropper-in' to your blog from now on, I think it's great. It was the line about doors that drew me to your page in the first place- doors are mysterious and curious and full of possibility and that's also how writing should be!


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