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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Half the Battle

"The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious."
-Marcus Aurelius

Where Have All the Grey, Much-Needed-in-Winter, Warm, Freshly-Laundered, Just-Seen-Last-Week, Carefully-Folded, Hard-to-Lose Sweaters Gone?
There is, to be truthful, only one, and Spouse needed it this morning. Upon his arrival home at 6 AM from a recent trip to California, I sought out the lone item that I had been preserving for such a time- and it was not there. It was not anywhere.
Spouse had not slept in three days. Spouse had a heavy head. Spouse could not have cared less if the couch itself had been missing.
I cared, though.
Over the course of the last six months we have arranged our small home in such a way that there are absolutely no hiding places. Everything is organised, there are no drawers for clothes to lurk in and I am most particular about folding and putting things in their rightful place on the single shelf we do possess.
I have man-handled each and every individual item of clothing that was in our closet and the grey sweater was not, I say not, among them, not the first time I inspected the pile nor the twelfth. I most definitely would not have put it in a foolish place, for obvious reasons beginning with the fact that hunting down clothing is not a game I like to play.
I do not know where to turn. The fact that Spouse is wearing something else instead and is comfortable is really not the issue. This is not about Spouse at all, actually. Perhaps in the cold light of early dawn when I first went confidently to fetch the thing, it might, then, have been about Spouse's needs. At the present time I am concerned with the absurdity of the matter. It is a very small home that we have. I immensely dislike things that make no sense.
When I find that sweater I shall wring its collar and quite throttle it.
I shall.

*I am presently open to accepting ideas, suggestions and solutions to this mystery if anybody has a logical explanation. I would be glad to hear some thoughts on where the sweater might be located.

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