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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Long Day's Journey

"Pretty convenient how every time I build character, Dad saves a couple hundred dollars."
-Calvin and Hobbes

When my Spouse drove from Texas to the other side of the country to where we live now, I was in Ireland and very much unable to join for reasons beyond our control.
It was wholly heartbreaking to envision my Spouse all alone in our car, an empty seat alongside and three thousand miles of a journey in front.
It was a very long day when Spouse set out. I wanted to be part of the adventure and for Spouse to have some company.
Spouse sent text messages to my cell phone at every new state and so I was able to be there in spirit, following the path.
Over the telephone, days later when Spouse arrived, I mentioned my heartache, most notably the eternal image of the vacant seat.
"Oh," said Spouse in a nonchalant manner, "there wouldn't have been room for you anyway. The car was filled with our belongings and so there was no empty seat for you."
I wish I had known that. We surely built some strong character during that experience but oh, I wish I had known it.

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