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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Five Golden Rings (4)

"Be grateful for luck.
Pay the thunder no mind.
Listen to the birds.
And don’t hate nobody."

-Eubie Blake

We wrapped up our wonderful Christmas Day with the most charming and feel-good film we could have chosen in our sluggish (for we ate far too much food) mood. We heartily enjoyed the 1955 version of 'The Ladykillers' starring Alec Guinness.
An unexpected surprise, I must admit, was our immense liking of it. The basic premise of this oh-so-English film is that a little old lady opens her home to a group of musicians for them to practice their art. Of course they are nothing but crooks using her and the house as a means to a planned robbery. The manners, the elegance, the trust that was implicit for a kindly lady to rent a room to a stranger! Those seemed, at least, like better times. A facade, perhaps, but one worth making the effort for. And somehow we drew comfort from it this evening despite its being an era we never breathed.

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