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Monday, November 23, 2009

Winter Poem (2)

Mater made a snowman
one grey November morn.
She hummed a bit
and made a wish
and her new chum was born:
it blinked its button eyes!
and Mater was so glad-
"let's shop for shoes!
No time to lose!
There's bargains to be had."
Off they went for footwear,
but the snowman, right away,
began to tire
and thought it dire
to look at shoes all day.
Through the streets they wandered
(and Mater got some looks);
the snowman said
"this melts my head-
I'm off to browse for books!"
So Mater shoe hunted solo,
and had fun just the same.
She missed her friend
but in the end
she never knew its name.


Pappy said...

Methinks if It was hunting books
while Mater shopped for shoes,
there is very little mystery there
it would hardly make the news.

If Sherlock could but speak once more,
"Elementary my dear Watson."
The name at least we'd have for sure
ere it melted in the hot sun. Pappy

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Rhyming Watson with hot sun- that's good. That takes the biscuit, for sure!

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