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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winter Poem (1)

"I'm not a morning person,"
says Mater. This is true:
she's freshest in the
late late
late late
late late

She best enjoys October-
for, though the wild winds whip,
the clocks turn back
and grant
to her
an extra
hour's kip.


Pappy said...

I have been remiss of late
and missed a post or two.
But now my bum is fast asleep
and I've caught up with you. Pappy

Pauline said...

I'm no morning person either, but unlike Mater, my favorite time is late December when the shortest day is over and the weatherman begins saying, "a gain of two minutes daylight from yesterday."

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Glad I am that you caught up
and read my rhyming lines,
this comment might have been a poem-
but in the end it wasn't.

Pauline, oh, I've got to agree with that- and so does Mater. All right then, we'll say she likes October and December best ;)

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