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Friday, May 8, 2009

Popping the Question

Spouse well anticipates my reaction to foolishness. I suspect, in the latest case, that my lip curled or I emitted a low growl. Anyhow, Spouse gallantly took up a position between myself and a presumably well-meaning but dull-witted lady in the physical therapy clinic.
She stepped out of an office, this trim blonde person, and said to me, "does he speak English?"
Spouse, who sat next to me, saved the day. Before I could either lunge or regain the gift of speech, he said pointedly, "he does, he does indeed speak English. In fact, what would we do if he didn't?"
Then she was flushing a most desperate hue, tripping over apologies as they spilled out one after the other. The pair strode away around a corner.
I was still wedged into my seat. I caught her explanation: "so many people who come in here don't speak English, so I thought..."
That may be what she thought, but it is assuredly beneficial to try to talk to a fellow in the common language of the country that both happen to be living and working and attending physical therapy in.
The worst that could happen- well, he might turn to his wife, baffled, seeking her linguistic assistance; but the odds are that he would tremendously appreciate the effort of directing the question at him.


ArtSparker said...

Spouse is clearly very "abled" in some departments.

Beth said...

I don't know how you kept from popping her for asking the question. I wonder if you were more offended than Spouse--it sounds it. I find that I react to slights aimed at my children or husband much more vehemently than if they are aimed at me. Those, I accept and move on--but insult my family and the mother bear instinct roars to life.

Pauline said...

I liked spouse's humorous remark - and I bet that therapist won't repeat her mistake.

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

ArtSparker, he is- he was on that day, anyhow!

Beth, my indignation froze me up- it does that, and always leaves me feeling afterwards as though I didn't get to say my piece. It's frustrating! I most certainly was more bothered than Spouse- and also he's better at keeping calm even if he is troubled.

Pauline, I can bet she won't too ;)

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