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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Lick and a Promise

My sibling, on his way last evening to give a guitar lesson, observed the signs of a brand new election season: politicians' images were pasted to walls everywhere he looked. Wordy assurances dangled under the chin of each grinning candidate.
And then there was a fellow with a microphone- no doubt broadcasting pledges on behalf of some politician or other, as is the custom in Ireland when the speaker has a crowd of reasonable proportions.
My brother approached the crossroads and wondered what would compel any man to stand on a corner as the light dimmed, and bellow political discourse to the clouds. There was no audience, and the fellow was alone with his microphone.
My brother, brimming with curiosity, slowed a little as he went past; he soon saw that there was no microphone at all. The chap was only licking contentedly at an ice cream cone. My sibling rolled away, having arranged to share his knowledge of guitars with an eager student.
Ice cream and music and encounters at sunset, and promises kept: to these we ought to devote entire seasons.


Sibling said...

The funny thing is, before that man had left my line of sight, what had already popped into my head was 'This could be a crumb from the corner' :)

ArtSparker said...

He thought he saw an elephant
That played upon a fife
He looked again and found it was
A portrait of his wife.

- Lewis Carroll

Beth said...

I love this--perhaps our politicians would be better liked if they took time to lick an ice cream cone. I wonder what flavor it was? Probably our press would analyze the significance of the flavor :-o

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Sibling, I know ;) Mater told me. Everything could be a crumb! Keep looking. Thanks, Sib!

ArtSparker, I like that!

Beth, that's just what I was thinking! The way campaigns are run- at least in Ireland- and the sheer nonsense of them, tells me that ice cream is much better for us. I like your idea about analysing the flavours- and the way they lick, too, could be a telling thing! :)

julochka said...

that is so hilarious.

my dad always uses that phrase--a lick and a promise. now i think it has a whole new meaning. :-)

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Julie, I thought it was appropriate and the title didn't give away that it was ice cream. Sometimes words just fit nicely! I like that. Glad you liked it!

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