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Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Mater

"I hate cameras. They are so much more sure than I am about everything."
-John Steinbeck

I rarely get any visual updates on my mother. I have been assured she is blooming and radiant from the surplus of fruits and vegetables she has been consuming, but I recently was struck by the fact that I had not seen a picture of her in quite some time. I was curious, and I requested that she send me one.
I tore the envelope asunder yesterday afternoon, having been told beforehand that an image of Mater was on its way over the ocean.
The picture was illuminating in its own way: the bare-boned trees of March, the low hovering sky, the green lush carpet that held a promise of Spring. But wherefore might I find my mother?
I presumed that was an insect on the camera lens at the time of capture: it turned out to be Mater.
I found her at last when I cleaned my glasses and squinted at the center of the photograph. When I held the picture at a certain angle so that the light was sufficient, and so that my nose brushed the surface, I could identify a human figure. In fine fettle she seemed to be, strolling gloved and jacketed, battling what was most certainly a cold day.
That was as much, regrettably, as I was able to distinguish.
I thanked Mater later for that picture, which would have been most helpful if I were, for example, attempting to count the various shades of green in the valley.


Pappy said...

I see her! I see her! Yes there at the end of the walk. Great and funny vignette. Mater, we would like for you to stand a little closer to the camera next time. Ele O'Mentary would like for you to take 30 giant steps forward. Pappy

Lanny said...

Perhaps you need to request a picture of your Mater from someone else. Sometimes us moms are a little camera shy. Irrational or not.

Beth said...

wow, that's so strange. I downloaded it onto my photo website and tried to crop it to make her more visible and she still was tiny no matter how closely I cropped the image. Is she at the lake that I visited? The walkway and stairs look familiar.

Pauline said...

she looks as though she's trotting right along. at that distance one cannot see any flaws - your mater has the right idea!

paulmerrill said...

Perhaps your mom could be commended for her modesty. But that's surely a reflection of her cultural background.

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