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Friday, September 26, 2008


“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
-Edmund Hillary

Spouse took a few days off work, and we went out this afternoon, dashing here and there through the drab drizzle of a grey sky, taking advantage of the time and completing little tasks that can only be done within limited office hours- which, of course, no mere mortal can attend to during a normal working day.
When we were ready, we splashed home through a trumpet of car horns, restless drivers and comatose traffic lights. I boiled some water and made tea, adding just a drop of velvety honey for Spouse's palate, and I served it with a hefty slice of moist pumpkin bread, courtesy of our fine friends in Maine.
A rather commonplace scene, save for the fact that Spouse had, for the first time, just registered to vote in a United States presidential election. While even that might be nothing out of the ordinary for those born and raised in this country, Spouse earned it after a decade of considerable struggle through the immigration process and much anticipation of one day being able to participate.
Life will sail on as before, yet intangibly, imperceptibly altered.


paulmerrill said...

And a potentially influential election to cast a vote in, no doubt...

Anonymous said...

your friends from Maine feed you well. I am wildly jealous.

julochka said...

fabulous! congratulations to spouse!! now let's hope he uses it wisely. ;-)

Pappy said...

I'm proud of all the immigrants to our great nation who go about things in the proper fashion and can appreciate the privilege of our right to vote. Three cheers to spouse. I hope there is a candidate worthy of his efforts. Pappy

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Paul, very influential. Of course, every time an election comes around it feels like a pivotal turning point in the history of the world, but perhaps this one is closer than many. We'll see.

Courtney, they are very kind to us, and I haven't even mentioned the 25 or so jars of homemade jam and pickles and relishes that they sent us home with this time. I might take a picture and post it...

Julie, thanks ;) -let's just say that Spouse will be as wise as the limited situation will allow.

Texican, I can't for a moment imagine not voting if I had the opportunity. It's such a great thing to be able to finally see Spouse vote.
Being able to vote is one of the reasons people work so hard to do things the legal way- the right not just to be here but to participate in the running of the country.
As for a candidate worthy of Spouse's efforts, sadly, it will be a challenge to make a decision, but Spouse will do his best with what is offered.

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