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Saturday, July 26, 2008


“Memory is the library of the mind.”
-Francis Fauvel-Gourand

Today Spouse and I attended the opening of a two-day Folk Festival that takes place annually in our area. Musicians come from everywhere; they perform for free on stages established in various corners of the town. One can either roam about, explore the food and drift over to a chosen event- or remain lying on a rug or sunk into a chair under the trees.
The central area is large enough that several musicians play simultaneously on opposite ends of the town. One just has to choose their preferred act and then go to it. The only cost incurred is that of food, which exotically matches the varying cultural origins of the performers: Greek, French, Spanish- so much vibrant colours, flavours, aromas, and energetic, frenetic fiddling, banjo playing, piano-pounding.
It is all quite wonderful and we get two whole days in which to relish the world coming to our doorstep.
We brought our camera along this afternoon. One's camera, it is advised, ought to be given an outing once in a while for fresh air and whatnot.
At some point in the morning, either Spouse or I- it is difficult, at this time to recall precisely whom- made the definite decision that the camera's battery would be staying home to guard the house.
"Stay," said one of us directly and firmly to the battery: "we know you are vital; we know that the camera shell will be rendered useless without you; we are aware that the camera is burdensome at the best of times and even weightier when it serves no purpose; we will wish for your company on many instances during the course of this long-anticipated day- but you must sit and wait for us to return home."
So, the battery did just that. I rather think we might bring it with us tomorrow.
Thank goodness for second chances.


Beth said...

It sounds like fun, I can't wait for the pictures!

Pappy said...

Hi Ele, Sounds like Bebe and I. Someone always forget something necessary for a full recording of the event of interest. We will be awaiting the photo ladened post to follow. This one sounds like fun. Pappy

hele said...

It does sound wonderfully diverse.

How lucky for you that your battery was watching the house and saving you from worrying about security. Maybe tomorrow you could take the battery along and ask the camera to watch the house in its place ;)

Tom the Piper's Son said...

Who knows, at the very instance of your realization someone was wandering about the festival with only a battery and you passed one another like two ships in the night (though it was day).

polona said...

hahaha, hope you charged it before taking it with you :)

julochka said...

oh, that's very sad. :-) about the battery, not the festival. hope the battery wanted to come along today!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

Beth, I've just posted- but they were last year's ;) It was all I could do. At least I had that. And it was so much fun, last year AND yesterday!

Texican, I don't normally like crowds but a music festival is different, with the food and games and everything going on- so it's one time I consider a big crowd to be a lot of fun. We enjoyed it.

Hele, that wasn't a bad idea ;) in the end we decided to ALL stay home.

Tom, that is really funny- I never quite thought of it but you could be right- people do forget things, and forgetting the whole camera is a possibility. A potential friend, maybe, that never happened... that's how all life is- there's always chances we don't even know we're passing up.

Polona, that's a really good point but it had been charged yesterday morning for two hours. We were very ready to go. Just that the battery didn't comply...

Julie, thanks for the sympathy ;) we had to make do with last year's pictures and our memories, in the end.

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