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Thursday, November 29, 2007

One by One

"If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy."

I may very well be taking our frugal lifestyle too far. This was conspicuously reflected in a conversation I had with my mother last evening as I was preparing the dinner.
Phone under my chin and dish in my hand, I begged her to forgive the distraction while I was stretching my fist into our 20 pound rice bag.
I ordinarily add six decent handfuls of rice to our glass dish before I fill it with water and microwave, covered, for fifteen minutes.
"Hold on one moment," said I to Mater. "I'm counting my rice hands."
The task required a concentrated effort on my part because I do like to get the dinner portions just so. Five handfuls of rice, or seven, would not do at all, and for good reason: often it leads to waste if we cook too much. Spouse and I both hate to discard food.
My mother was shocked for a moment.
"Counting your rice GRAINS?" she cried in my ear.
"Yes," I sighed wearily. "Between us we get six rice grains for dinner. Money is tight, you know."
It was a simple thing- she misheard- but what, I must ask, does she think we are? Maybe a couple of Scrooge-like misanthropes who meticulously pore through all things with a fine tooth comb? Perhaps, perhaps. We do enjoy our life, though, and counting our blessings does come naturally after some time.

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