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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Mater Saw

Months ago I got a set of stickers that I thought might make a gift for a child. I wanted them this afternoon, and I hunted high and low; but the safe place in which I had put the stickers was extraordinarily safe, and I could not find them.
Given that logic and reasoning and looking in all the normal places had not worked, I decided to ask my mother.
"Do you," I asked, "know where the stickers are?"
Thousands of miles away, Mater hummed a bit, and thought a bit.
"Do you even know what stickers I'm searching for?"
"Shush," Mater said. "I'm looking."
"They are on a shelf," she said slowly.
"A shelf? What sort of a shelf?"
"A shelf with a lot of books," she said.
"We have a few hundred books. Be a trifle more specific, if you don't mind."
"I see a blue book."
"A blue book. Good, good. That helps to narrow it down."
"A blue children's book. Hardback. There you will find the stickers."
I thanked her, and scampered off to have a look see.
I tore out every blue, hardbacked children's book on the shelves. I did not find the stickers.
Sometimes mothers bluff, and sometimes we daughters know that they bluff, but in the meantime, it never does a bit of harm to double check, in case bluff and luck should cross paths and the stickers emerge from the depths of wherever they have been hidden.
In any case, I can always ask again tomorrow.


Pauline said...

Checking my blue books just in case that's where they are... I do the same thing and my safe places are always way too safe!

paulmerrill said...

You never know when they may turn up! Most likely when you are not looking for them. (Sigh.)

By the way, I FINALLY put your blog in the links on my site's sidebar. Forgive my lateness.

San said...

So, have the stickers turned up? Were they perhaps in a red book?

Pappy said...

If you find them, would you start looking for the ear phones and connection cord for my i-pod? They are in a little blue plastic case. I thought since you were already looking in the blue genre you might accidentally run across them. Good to see you again. Pappy

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